Vicky Beeching – Limited Edition [EP](2010)

Artista: Vicky Beeching
Lanzamiento: 2010
Album: Limited Edition
Style: Rock Alternativo
Creditos: Audios Cristianos

Lista de Canciones:
01. Salvation Day
02. Blessing And Honor (Be To Your Name)
03. Deliverer

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Lifehouse – Smoke & Mirrors (2010)

Artista: Lifehouse
Lanzamiento: 2010
Album: Smoke & Mirrors
Style: Alternative Rock
Creditos: Audios Cristianos

Lista de Canciones:
1. All In
2. Nerve Damage
3. Had Enough (feat. Chris Daughtry)
4. Halfway Gone
5. It Is What It Is
6. From Where You Are
7. Smoke & Mirrors
8. Falling In
9. Wrecking Ball
10. Here Tomorrow Gone Today
11. By Your Side
12. In Your Skin

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Brian Johnson – Love Came Down (2010)

Artista: Brian Johnson
Lanzamiento: 2010
Album: Love Came Down
Style: Alabanza y Adoración
Creditos: Ivan_2009

Lista de Canciones:
1. Love Came Down
2. Here Is Love
3. I Will Stay Here With You
4. Oh Lord Your Beautiful
5. I Really Love You
6. Show Me Your Face
7. I Love Your Name.
8. God Your Beautiful
9. Worthy Is the Lamb
10. What Would I Have Done
11. Light a Fire

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Seth Condrey – More Than I See (2010)

Artista: Seth Condrey
Lanzamiento: 2010
Album: More Than I See
Style: Rock Alternativo
Creditos: Miguel_On

Lista de Canciones:
1. I Believe
2. We Remember
3. You Are My Everything
4. More Than America
5. Steal My Heart Away
6. Joy To Life
7. Qualified
8. Written In The Sky
9. Everything (Cover Lifehouse)
10. Blessings Of heaven
11. De Corazon a corazon

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Everyday Sunday – Best Night Of Our Lives (2009)

Artista: Everyday Sunday
Lanzamiento: 2009
Album: Best Night Of Our Lives
Style: Pop / Punk / Rock
Creditos: Jesus

Lista de Canciones:
1. Best Night Of Our Lives
2. Breathing For Me
3. Come Around
4. Figure It Out
5. Here With Me
6. In The End
7. Lies And Fear Go Hand In Hand
8. Pity The Man Who Falls and Has …
9. Under Your Thumb
10. Where I Ended

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Hillsong United – Across the Earth _ Tear Down The Walls Full Cd

Artista: Hillsong United
Lanzamiento: 2009
Album: Across the Earth _ Tear Down The Walls
Style: Praise & Worship
Creditos: Hillsong Recursos

Lista de Canciones:
1. Freedom Is Here
2. No Reason To Hide
3. More Than Anything
4. King of All Days
5. Desert Song
6. Oh You Bring
7. Tear Down The Walls
8. Soon
9. You Hold Me Now
10. Arms Open Wide
11. Your Name High
12. Yours Forever

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Hillsong Live – Faith + Hope + Love (2009)

Artista: Hillsong Live
Lanzamiento: 2009
Album: Faith + Hope + Love
Style: En Ingles
Creditos: En las Manos del Espiritu

Lista de Canciones:
1. The First and The Last
2. For Your Name
3. Glow
4. It’s Your Love
5. I Will Exalt You
6. Yahweh
7. No Reason To Hide
8. God One And Only
9. The Wonder Of Your Love
10. His Glory Appears
11. We The Redeemed
12. We Will See Him
13. You Hold Me Now

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